Agriculture courses

Cultivate success with our Agriculture Training programs, designed to modernize your farming practices and optimize yields. Dive into sustainable agriculture, livestock management, and the latest in agricultural technology, ensuring you’re ready to meet the challenges of 21st-century farming.

our courses

  • The use of wastewater for sewage irrigation in dry environments
  • Soilless farming in dry environments
  • Agricultural Waste Recycling
  • plant tissue culture
  • Protected agriculture and how to manage greenhouses and their accessories.
  • Cultivation and construction of windbreaks.
  • Biosaline farming techniques in dry environments
  • Modern methods of targeted agricultural maintenance
  • Advanced technologies for Seedling
  • Reclamation and cultivation of desert lands.
  • Using wastewater to irrigate plants in dry environments
  • Garden engineering and design
  • Seedling, their types, the main processes of growing seedlings and caring for seedlings
  • The use of organic fertilizers in modern agriculture
  • Cultivation of green areas (grass) and palms and how to maintain them.
  • Planting seedlings and caring for seedlings
  • Methods of prevention and control of agricultural diseases and insects in plants.
  • Developing the skills of agricultural and irrigation engineers
  • Water conservation in the areas of agriculture and domestic consumption
  • farm management
  • The effect of palm weevil in dry environments
  • Factors affecting the establishment of gardens

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