Construction courses

Propel your career in the construction industry with our specialized Construction Training. Learn the latest in building codes, safety regulations, and project management techniques from seasoned professionals, equipping you with the knowledge and skills needed for excellence on any job site.

our courses

  • Quality control in construction projects
  • Protection of concrete structures from fire hazards, safe design
  • Methods of repairing concrete structures that have been exposed to fire
  • Space-syntax theory
  • Urban transportation and traffic planning
  • Basic building and civil engineering training
  • sewage engineering
  • alternative energy uses
  • Maintenance of sewage treatment plants
  • Training in architecture and town planning
  • Managing regional development plans
  • Design of concrete structures according to modern specifications
  • concrete works
  • Cracks in reinforced concrete: types, causes, classification and danger
  • Upgrading slums
  • Management and development of new cities
  • Drafting urban renewal policies
  • Quality control and facility evaluation by non-destructive testing
  • Repair and reinforcement of concrete parts
  • Development of city centers
  • Road Network Planning
  • The use of artificial intelligence techniques in engineering projects

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