Educational courses

Elevate your teaching and administrative skills with our Education Professional training. Engage with the latest in pedagogy, classroom management, and educational technology, ensuring you are prepared to foster excellence in every student.

our courses

  • educational advisor
  • Counseling centers for people of determination
  • Curriculum evaluation consultancy
  • Educational rehabilitation counseling in educational institutions
  • School resource room preparation consultancy
  • Autism Centers Counseling
  • Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, fifth picture
  • Learning Disabilities Diagnostic Scales
  • Autism Diagnostic Scales and Treatment Methods
  • Scales for assessing autism
  • Diagnostic scale for people with learning difficulties “in the elementary stages”
  • Advanced Skills for a Teacher Assistant
  • Modern strategies in effective educational supervision
  • TRIZ theory of creative problem solving and its applications in education
  • Modern strategies in effective educational supervision
  • Managing educational activities
  • Effective educational supervision skills
  • Learning difficulties teacher
  • Pronunciation and communication skills
  • Individual plan preparation skills
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Individualized Education Plan (P.E.P)
  • Learning disabilities course
  • Teaching Strategies for Learning Disabilities
  • Advanced Skills in Learning Disabilities
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (A.B.A)
  • Psychological care for patients
  • Speech and language disorders course
  • Advanced skills in pronunciation and communication
  • The basics of integrating dyslexic students (diagnosis and therapeutic intervention)
  • Therapeutic programs for autism (BECS – TEACH – Lovaas program) (BECS – TEACH – Lovaas)

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